About Us


"I live and create in center of Australia. The incredible beauty of Australian outback inspires my creations. My first public collection is designed for a young successful woman. She is beautiful and she knows it. She is not admiring the World. The World is admiring her.”

INSPIRATION: "Mother Nature is so powerful and creative so you need only follow her steps. I love natural flow of silk, vibrant colors and patterns. It reminds me of sunsets of the incredible Australian outback country, the place I call home."

Tatiana is a master of silk born out of her love for the fabric. Her work is tactile, finely crafted, sensual, refined, and opulent. A skilled sketcher, illustrator, pattern maker, tailor, embroiderer, she also designs and creates in knit and crochet.

Tatiana was born in Germany and spent half of her childhood in Czechoslovakia. The warm climate and freedom helped to develop her creativity. Her first garments were created for little dolls, only 3 inches tall. 

At the age of 11 her family moved to St. Petersburg, Russia. This city was full of wonders and it blessed Tatiana with its incredible architecture, historical museums, art galleries, and theaters. She soaked it all in, in spite of the extreme cold, it gave a rich cultural backdrop.

Formally educated at the College of Technology and Design, Tatiana got her very first customers at age of 15. Some of her fashion skills were self-taught by working directly with clients from this young age. She is a natural!

Moving to “the Middle of Nowhere in central Australia” in 2004 after meeting the love of her life, everything was left behind: a successful business and devastated customers , parents, twin brother, sister and friends, everything, except her little daughter Ksenia.
The Australian outback welcomed her with its warm weather year around, deep blue sky, incredible sunrises and sunsets, a smiley moon and Milky Way across the night sky.

She restarted her business in 2013. By that time, she having studied a number of different skills: business management, finance, accountancy, and marketing. Nevertheless her creativity was not forgotten, and came back transformed into something entirely new. "My creative mind experienced a big transformation after I settled in Australian outback,” she says.

One big inspiration was when she began to study fashion drawing with Laura Volpintesta in New York ….a talented teacher, mother, writer. Their friendship revitalized her creativity. "Laura practically pulled out of my soul something that was sleeping there for a while.”

Despite over 20 years experience in fashion, her first public collection was only presented in February 2015 in Sydney, with all garments handmade in Australia.